2nd Meeting of the Java User Group Saxony

Falk Hartmann Dieser Artikel wurde von geschrieben. Falk ist leitet die Softwareentwicklung bei der Firma ubigrate. Sein besonderes Interesse gilt der modellgetriebenen Entwicklung in den Bereichen intelligente Geräte und Geräteintegration.

Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel. (Napoleon Hill)

For our second JUG Saxony meeting, we were in the comfortable position of being one station of a little tour of Mr Shaun Smith from Oracle, project lead of the EclipseLink project and product manager of TopLink. Actually, we have to be grateful to the JUG Berlin-Brandenburg for their mediation…Ralph, thank you very much again!

The meeting took place at the Faculty of Computer Science. This time, the meeting has been organized by ubigrate in cooperation with Torsten from Communardo and Kristian from PlanConnect. Thank you again for your support! Jürgen from ubigrate started the meeting and presented the results of the survey we conducted at the first meeting. Interestingly, we followed almost all of the proposals made by the participants of the first meeting – especially we hit the 2nd most requested topic for a talk, which was “Java Persistence Frameworks”. As last time, the hosting company was presented (this time by myself).

Afterwards, Shaun gave a very interesting and detailed talk about JPA and its reference implementation EclipseLink. EclipseLink, which is also the heart of Oracle’s commercial TopLink product and evolved from TopLinks codebase, is basically a runtime engine for mapping between different technological spaces. It started as an engine for object-relational mappings, but now also supports object-XML mappings (in form of MOXy, an alternative to the JAXB RI implementation, but not yet 100% JAXB 2.0 compliant) as well as mappings to JCA (for example, to map objects to ERP systems).

Shaun also gave details on the extensibility of EclipseLink for new mapping targets. As an example, he mentioned mapping to JSON. We shortly discussed the efforts and challenges of using EclipseLink for the object-binary mapping which is one of the main components of our integration platform.

He included a lot of technical details, gave demos for the different possible mappings and answered a considerable amount of questions, both directly after the talk and during the after show party, which took place in the Campus pub.

After shortly skimming through the filled questionaires I assume, that it will be hard for us to top this event, but I can promise that we will try our best to keep that level. The next meeting, hosted by PlanConnect, will deal with Rich Client Platforms and is planned for beginning of October. I’m already looking forward to it!

One more thing: we published the photos of the events as a set on flickr. If anyone has objections against one of the pictures, please contact us immediately. A german report about the meeting is available in Communardos TechBlog.

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