Flexible Module Loader – a handy tool to review modules in Adobe Flex 3 (Air)

Flexible Module LoaderA common way to load code during run time in a Flex 3 (Air) application is using Modules. This special type of dynamically loaded SWF files allows the application to load separate parts that it requires only when it needs them. The user experiences shorter loading times due to smaller SWF file size and the developer can separate features into single modules that he can work on independently.

So far so good but unfortunately they cannot be run in a stand-alone way. Instead they must be loaded in an application. This makes it rather complicated when it comes to testing. If you have an extensive application with lots of different functionalities which are encapsulated into many different modules it can be very annoying to deploy the whole application just for testing only a small aspect. At this point the ‘Flexible Module Loader’ (FML) is going to be a very helpful tool.

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