2nd Meeting of the Java User Group Saxony

Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel. (Napoleon Hill)

For our second JUG Saxony meeting, we were in the comfortable position of being one station of a little tour of Mr Shaun Smith from Oracle, project lead of the EclipseLink project and product manager of TopLink. Actually, we have to be grateful to the JUG Berlin-Brandenburg for their mediation…Ralph, thank you very much again!

The meeting took place at the Faculty of Computer Science. This time, the meeting has been organized by ubigrate in cooperation with Torsten from Communardo and Kristian from PlanConnect. Thank you again for your support! Jürgen from ubigrate started the meeting and presented the results of the survey we conducted at the first meeting. Interestingly, we followed almost all of the proposals made by the participants of the first meeting – especially we hit the 2nd most requested topic for a talk, which was “Java Persistence Frameworks”. As last time, the hosting company was presented (this time by myself).

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