Parameterized Builds in Jenkins – choosing subversion folders

For software projects with a large amount of code it is essential to emphasize maintainability. Continuous Integration Systems, such as Jenkins CI, are good instruments to simplify and monitor your builds in an automatic way. An advantage of Jenkins CI – the possibility to integrate some, possibly self-written plug-ins – is the topic of a small project that could be helpful for some Jenkins/Hudson-using developers.

SVNFolderParameterPlugin is a plug-in that provides forms for parameterized builds where you can browse in a Subversion repository for a subdirectory in a specified directory. Together with a custom check-out script, this allows building Jenkins jobs which run against arbitrary source code versions in your Subversion (e.g., in order to rebuild a tagged version). When starting the build, all subfolders will be shown in a dropdown list and the URL of the selected folder will be forwarded as a property to the build script.

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